As you already might have seen, Steve Raby has joined Nuxeo as Director
for UK and Nothern Europe and head of our London-based UK branch. We
have started to do
some great work, already and I’m just blogging about this to add some
personal touch on this. :-)

Steve, a Sun and JBoss veteran, is a strong asset for our company and, of
course, brings some new blood to our vision and management structure. The
work we are doing is already productive and we recently signed our first
large UK customer (you are going to read about that soon).

It’s also a really interesting to experience a shared vision for the
business and the same enjoyment for the Open Source model. Same customer
service orientation. And same faith in the success. The beginning of a long
story, I'm sure.

Welcome on board Steve! We are going to continue building a great and
successful Open Source vendor… (okay, okay, you’ve already been there for two months :-) )

Stay Tuned!


(Post originally written by Eric Barroca on the old Nuxeo blogs.)