Hi guys,

We were very busy last week with a Dev Sprint and then Nuxeo World. It was pretty much awesome. And it also means we have some shiny new projects from the sprint to show you. As usual, this sprint involved a lot of pizza and caffeine in many formats (but mostly coffee, not Coca Cola -- we're still in France :) ).

Dev teams hard at work Dev teams hard at work

Pizza Time! Pizza time!

Project List

  • UX note improvements - Anahide and Thierry

They added some cool access keys, auto save to local storage and the note can be edited from the summary tab. My favorite addition is that they added full screen for markdown.

Access keys Access keys

  • Activity stream - Martin and Thomas

They created an OpenSocial gadget to put in the summary tab of a document to display its activity stream: creation / modification / comments / like, etc.

Document Activity Stream Document Activity Stream

  • Jira plugin - Mariana and Antoine

Automatically attach to a JIRA issue a zip containing useful information coming from the server : the server log + installed packages + nuxeo.conf. This will help our support team a lot!

Attach a Nuxeo server instance Attach a Nuxeo server instance

Nuxeo Server Login Nuxeo Server Login

  • Nuxeo Drive Edit - Julien and Olivier

The quick edit feature was implemented for documents in synchronized workspaces. A cross-platform document opening command was added to the Nuxeo Drive client to open the matching local file with the right editor (as configured on the desktop OS) for Nuxeo documents referenced by URLs with the form nxdrive://edit/http/server:8080/appname/nxdoc/repositoryname/doref . The server side was updated to add a new action in the UI to generate such links for synchronized documents.

  • LMLabs integration - Damien, Vincent, Stéphane, Sun and Vlad

This team won the Dev Sprint. They did a great job at integrating the lab, provided a Marketplace package at the end, and did some cool stuff with the WebEngine fragments. I'll blog about in more detail later. Just know that we will soon have a better websites document in Nuxeo. And I mean waaaay better.

LMLabs team hard at work LMLabs team hard at work

  • Chat - Benoît and Laurent

They used Vert.x as a websocket/SockJS server to chat and notify Nuxeo users that are concurrently modifying a document.

Chated Chat

  • Content Routing Graph - Florent

The goal of this short project is to improve the rendering of the graph used to graphically display a workflow. Florent used canviz (or a suitably modified version to work with jQuery) to render client-side the graph in a HTML 5 canvas.

Serial Graph Example Serial Graph Example

You can find more information on our wiki. I will get back to this with more details later on when I have more information on what we will do with the sprint results (like what goes in the Nuxeo Platform, what will end up as a Marketplace package, etc.) I hope you liked those projects. We sure had a lot of fun coding them :)