After months of thorough preparation, Nuxeo World 2012 came as quickly as it went. I joined the company in the beginning of October and from day one, the importance of Nuxeo World and the hard work every employee put forth became evident. Most activities in my new position revolved around Nuxeo World 2012, thus my excitement to be able to join our community at Nuxeo's yearly conference brewed daily. Thankfully, I went to Paris to prepare for and assist on the days of the conference. Our entire team looked forward to the event in the days leading up to Nuxeo World and on Thursday, I quickly realized why.

I'm checking people in to the event and practicing some French!

Over 100 members of the Nuxeo community arrived to participate in the first day’s information sessions and as a new employee, I was able to meet very interesting tech junkies - some from as far away as Brazil (shout-out to my new friend, Gilson from Sinax)! Nuxeo World was an excellent way to meet new people interested in content management and new technology.

Since I work on the marketing team and I started a few weeks ago, I don’t often see the Nuxeo Platform in the works. Presentations from Nuxeo developers, partners and clients proved how enormous the range of issues our platform can address is and allowed us to see the software in an easy to understand, more technical view.

The cocktail party at the end of the first day had plentiful champagne, wine and delicious appetizers, as well as intriguing company. Some of the Nuxeo community even continued the festivities at the nearby Tiki Bar after our time at the venue. This balance of information-packed presentations and social interaction with others in the field made Nuxeo World not only educational, but fun and welcoming -- the ideal way to kickstart my career at Nuxeo!

Excited for Nuxeo World 2012!
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