Join us for Nuxeo World and you'll gain insight about Nuxeo technology through training, talks from the development team, case studies from our clients, and more.

Nuxeo World will take place on October 9th and 10th.

On the first day, we'll have information-packed presentations. You'll have the chance to preview new products, some of which haven't been even released yet, like We'll also give you the opportunity to hear what our CTO, Thierry Delprat, is planning for the technology in the next year, with a presentation of the roadmap 2014. Our developers also love to talk about what they're doing and how they're developing the Nuxeo Platform. They'll talk about Content Routing and workflow, how to monitor your application, how to customize it and even how to build an app with AngularJS.

We're also pleased to have some experienced clients join us for the conference and explain how they're using the Nuxeo Platform and what it has changed in their organizations. There will be presentations from Julie Lecomte, from the French Ministry of Agriculture, Julien Alexandre from ERDF (French National Electric Company), and also Hippo, Ephesoft, and Vilogia. What's in it for you? The opportunity to talk with people who have the same challenges as you, and have been able to address them with Nuxeo technology. You'll also be able to meet our partners Sword and Océane Consulting, who will share how they've implemented and deployed Nuxeo applications for their clients.

That's only the first day!!

On October 10th, you can join one of our hands-on training workshops. These sessions have a limited seating capacity, in order to allow everyone to actively participate. We've prepared 2 tracks, so you can discover the depth of functionality of Nuxeo Studio or more advanced processes, like monitoring your Nuxeo application. See more about this here.

So that's a first glimpse of what you can expect from these 2 days. You'll also have way more options to connect with the Nuxeo Community. You can ask our developers questions (catch them during a coffee break), you can meet our clients for lunch in the beautiful city of Paris, you can have a drink with anyone from the Nuxeo team during the cocktail on Wednesday night, or boogie with your peers during the party on Thursday.

Nuxeo World offers 2 full days to delve into the universe of Nuxeo technology!

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