What's a conference without coffee? What's a conference without coffee?

A couple of weeks ago (time flies by...) we held our annual event Nuxeo World in the center of Paris and I must say I had a blast :) I guess some of you reading this post were actually there so you know what I'm talking about. Or maybe you've read the CMSWire articles. But for the others, you have not missed everything.

AngularJS Workshop AngularJS Workshop

So what should you look into in particular? Well, as usual, one of our most successful talks was the roadmap talk. I embedded the slide deck at the end of this post. This year we did it a little differently. The product roadmap was handled by our product management director, Alain Escaffre, and a technical roadmap was handled by our CTO, Thierry Delprat. This will give you a good idea of our focus points for next year. They revolve mostly around nuxeo.io...which is the other talk you need to get into. It's our big project for 2014. We're moving towards PaaS. I won't talk more about it. This subject deserves its own blog post. Just know that it will rock. Plain and simple.

The second day of Nuxeo World was reserved for workshops. One track was dedicated to customization with Nuxeo Studio and the other one to more advanced topics: AngularJS and monitoring. As you can see on the picture, the general mood was quiet and studious. If you have other ideas for workshop topics, we'd be happy to hear about it. And if you have any remarks, please shout out! We're already preparing Nuxeo World 2014!