Summer is now over and it's that back-to-school time of year. But summer didn't mean for (all of) us to spend our time on the French Riviera perfecting our tans. Some of us worked through the summer to prepare an awesome agenda for Nuxeo World.

There are already a lot of registrations and we're pleased that our event is growing bigger every year. We're also excited to share more details about the agenda of the session day. This year, Nuxeo World will have 1 session day and 1 workshop day. You can learn more about our workshops here. Regarding the first day, we'll talk about what's hot at Nuxeo, like Content Routing, but also some techniques that work behind the scenes, like Continuous Integration. Finally, at Nuxeo we focus on client satisfaction, and so we asked some of our customers to talk about how they use the Nuxeo Platform.

All you wanted to know is here! Take off your sunglasses and check this out!

One of our partners - SWORD - will give a presentation on their DILA (Direction de l'information légale et administrative) project, that uses Nuxeo Case Management for processing the textual aspects of government regulations. We'll also hear from Brendan Coveney, who will talk about the benefits of using a platform to build business applications. On the customer side, we'll be joined by Leroy Merlin, VIF, and others. They'll show you how Nuxeo has impacted their business.

Also this year we'll have more "lightning talks" - quick and to-the-point presentations on a single, specific subject. Topics range from mobile applications to languages and translations, application performance, and desktop synchronization with Nuxeo Drive.

To finish with, we still have one sponsorship available. If you're interested in sponsoring our global event, contact us at [email protected] or contact your sales representative.

Nuxeo World 2012 will take place in Paris - October 25-26.

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