If you are reading our blog, you already know that Nuxeo World is coming soon! This will be the opportunity for you to learn new stuff about the platform and our company. As Julie said, you'll have case studies from our customers, which means you'll get to meet people that have the same needs or questions that you have. All of them are in a different place on the path to deploy or implement an awesome Nuxeo Platform based solution. I really encourage all of you to talk to each other and exchange thoughts on your different experiences. You will also see some presentations by our developers. Some of them are a little technical, some of them really not :)

Arnaud giving a lightning talk Arnaud giving a lightning talk

I will do a lightning talk about how to participate in the Nuxeo Community, so not a technical talk! This will be an occasion for me to give some insights about our community of course, and to tell you what we understand by contribution in the wide sense of the term. A contribution is not limited to code, it starts a lot earlier than that. We'll see where to start, so that we can help you become a part of the community.

During the same session, you'll get to see Benoit Delbosc, the man behind Funkload, a tool used for functional and load testing of web applications. He will talk about monitoring and performance. There are some new interesting features and improvements in this area that you need to know about. You already know some of them if you follow the tech reports: the non XA mode, Ehcache for VCS, Redis workmanager...

Then Thibaud Arguillere will explain what a Nuxeo Marketplace package is. Adding new features to a Nuxeo application means, most of the time, just adding a .jar to the "bundles" (or "plugins") folder of the Nuxeo server – a quick and easy process. Right? Not if you have to deal with dependencies, lifecycle states (development or production-ready?), or third-party plug-ins, just to mention few drawbacks of this drag'n'drop algorithm. In this lightning session, he will introduce the Nuxeo Marketplace and explain how it makes all this process as easy as possible.

So make sure you secure your seat for Nuxeo World 2013!