Nuxeo WorldNuxeo World is about much much more than free tshirts and parties. In addition to the informative presentations, the product roadmap update, and the chance to chat face-to-face with Nuxeo developers, systems integrators, technology partners, and clients, there is a full day of training workshops.

Nuxeo World Workshops

On the second day of this 2-day conference, Thursday October 10, attendees can participate in hands-on, interactive workshops led by Nuxeo product managers and experts. There is a track for beginners and an advanced track, so the training material is adapted to all skill levels.

Nuxeo World Workshops Nuxeo World Workshops

Track 1: Nuxeo Basics

  • Design your application

    • Create content models based on your business problem, with the relevant metadata, validation rules, forms, lifecycle, permissions, etc.

    • Brand your application with your own logo, colors, pictures, and other custom elements

    • Define the navigation with queues, multi-axis browsing, etc.

    • Define document templates to generate fully formatted and ready-to-use documents from your content repository, such as invoices, purchase orders, etc.

    • Enable and disable existing features and services to fit your needs

  • Implement your business logic

    • Create chains of operations to model your business logic

    • Design workflows to implement your processes, with fork/merge points, escalation support, due date management, dynamic sub-workflows, etc.

    • Configure user actions (actionable buttons) and event reactors triggering chains of operations

    • Configure email notifications

Track 2: Nuxeo Advanced

  • Build a next generation UI for your application with AngularJS and Nuxeo

    • In this workshop, we’ll show you how to build an application with the Nuxeo Platform on the back-end and the popular JavaScript framework AngularJS on the client side. We will use the REST API to browse the repository and trigger operations on documents.

  • Monitor your Nuxeo application

    • Learn how to monitor your Nuxeo application and understand extracted metrics using Graphite. Extend the monitoring framework to gather meaningful information and learn how to exploit the data using Elasticsearch and Kibana.

One Platform To Build Them All Fred is sporting the Nuxeo tshirt in classic black. #OnePlatformToBuildThemAll

The Nuxeo Platform is uniquely adapted to building content applications, with its flexible architecture and the complete development environment that is designed to fully support your projects. The Nuxeo World training workshops will help give you a deeper understanding of how this environment is ideal for the development of sustainable, purpose-built applications – from design and development, to deployment, to maintenance and evolution, and throughout the application’s lifetime.

Space is limited for these workshops, so register now to be sure to have access to this opportunity.

In addition to the workshop day, the first day of the conference includes information-packed sessions on topics such as Digital Asset Management, advanced workflows, AngularJS and the Nuxeo Platform, the Nuxeo Roadmap, real-world case studies of applications built with the Nuxeo Platform, and much more. The agenda is shaping up to be wicked awesome.

Early-bird registration is available until August 31st. There will, of course, be free tshirts!