Today is a big day for Nuxeo. We have announced the beta release of, a hosting service for managing and running Nuxeo Platform clusters in the cloud.

As developers of the Nuxeo Platform, we understand what it takes to get an application up and running, and then consistently maintain and improve it. It takes a lot of development and testing. And that means environments are required: individual developers, development, testing, production; that, of course, means time and money.

Consider that in a Nuxeo project life, dozens of instances of Nuxeo are set up and killed. Dev instances, test, plugins, sandboxes, qualification, import testing, you get the picture. We developed to help to handle the environment side of your projects much easier, and cheaper. in a Nutshell is a hosting service, built on Arken, an open source software infrastructure service for instantiation, provisioning and resilience of application instances, on-premises or on the Cloud. In our case, we are talking Cloud only setup (we run on AWS) - but you can also set it up in your own private cloud environment.

What is Arken?

If you want to build a cloud-environment you need to make sure it’s resistant to failure. This was extremely important for us because we wanted our customers to have an environment they could depend upon whether it was development or production.

We went looking for something that was already available, we didn’t find what we wanted. So we built our own for Because we believe in giving back to and supporting the open source community, we outsourced the infrastructure part of and called it Arken.

Arken is a cluster orchestrator and it can be run on anything: bare metal, Amazon, etc, so it can be used in the cloud or on-premises. It is made up of a set of state-of-the-art server orchestration and cloud technologies: CoreOS, Etcd, fleet, Docker, Gogeta (a dynamic reverse proxy based on etcd, which we also developed). Because Arken uses Docker containers, it can run anything.

(To understand how we use these technologies together to get, check out this great post by Damien Metzler: CoreOS and Nuxeo: How We Built

In the case of, we use Arken specifically to host Nuxeo Platform clusters inside Docker containers. You start instances of the Nuxeo Platform from a web portal interface, configuring the URL, if it’s a web application, and controlling its state (active, paused, or delete it). is hosted on Amazon, so it is used only for the cloud.

Uses for

Obviously is a great service for our customers who are building content-centric apps based on the Nuxeo Platform. It allows developers to stop worrying about the plumbing and focus on building the actual applications. Developers can get a proof of concept up and running quickly and easily.

It’s also a great service for SaaS providers. So, if you are building a Nuxeo-based SaaS application, provides an environment to help manage services for your customers, while also managing your application infrastructure ( executes Docker images on a cluster, which is similar to managing application services and customers). provides the best way to handle multi-tenancy versus managing at the application level. With application level multi-tenancy, it’s impossible to measure CPU usage per customer. Docker relies on low level features of Linux, so you can measure CPU usage for each customer, and delegate isolation to kernel. It’s much more secure.

The SaaS use case isn’t available right now, but you can see how could be helpful for production environments - SaaS or not.

Tools for Your Project’s Success

Creating the platform as a service for Nuxeo Platform clusters demonstrates our commitment to helping Nuxeo users succeed with their projects. Instances can be used throughout the life of their projects, getting set up or taken down at any time in a matter of seconds.

Available through the Nuxeo Online Services for Gold and Platinum subscriptions, is in beta and can be used for development and test environments right now. Nuxeo Online Services is our subscription service which provides maintenance, access to the Nuxeo Marketplace, and Nuxeo Studio, a hosted customization environment.

We are accepting sign-up requests. You can request access to the trial now.

Once you try it out, we welcome you to come back and let us know how it works for you. Or share your thoughts with us on Twitter, or in our LinkedIn Community.