“Hyland should appear on your shortlist if you want DAM to serve the entire enterprise rather than just sales and marketing and prefer a single vendor to manage all types of assets.”

Hyland’s selection as a leader reflects the increased strength of our enterprise-wide solutions following the acquisition of the Nuxeo platform. Hyland is the only vendor with both Content Services and Digital Asset Management solutions mentioned in the report, which highlights our “extensive capabilities across all areas” of the business.

As the report highlights “Hyland has committed to investing in DAM as it has created a focused business unit as well as a new industry vertical for DAM. It has taken a different approach to DAM in that it has created product asset management (PAM) to reflect the fact that DAM should serve the enterprise in its entirety and not just sales and marketing, as assets encompass far more than just images, video, and audio. “

The report also highlights that the Hyland | Nuxeo Platform is strong in most areas, and in particular calls out capabilities in
• Metadata
• Tagging
• Classification
• Governance and security,

You can download a copy of the full report and learn more about Hyland’s forward-thinking approach to DAM here.