CPSPortlets and CPSSkins are now shipped as a default environment with a
CPSDefault Site.

See for installation / upgrade and status notes there :


It's a major step toward CPS-3.4 release and a enormous improvement in term
of user interface and development process for the future.

A CPSDefault Site provides now a portlets environment inspired by the JSR
168 specifications managed by a WYSIWYG theme editor 'out of the box'.

I believe, this will be an enormous advantage for CPS for the following
reasons :

  • because until now the former box system was too hostile for
    non-technical people and was probably discouraging them to go further and
    adopt CPS to build small publication portal.

  •  because CPSSkins offers a really powerful but simple environment
    to customize TTW most of what you need to customize usually.

  •  No need to write CSS !!!! (Who likes to write css ?? ;) )

  •  because it permits to get rid of the default 3 columns / header /
    footer, etc... without typing a single line of code and thus it means less
    restrictions in term of look and feel. (check this : http://tibosoulcie.net/. Would you have
    guess it's a CPS instance ?)

  •  because integrators will be even more productive than before

  • packaging is easier since CPSSkins provides XML export / import of
    theme and portlets configuration (No need to write any Python !)

  • because the learning curve of CPS will decrease. Only one
    concept   to learn now for integration -> CPSSchemas.

  •    less regressions while updating because less skins and
    macro libs to write. CPSSkins will act as a glue on top of the

  •  because it was what was missing to CPS on top of its

           framework probably hidden by
the green and blue basic colors of the

           CPSDefault Site :)

  • RAM Cache integrated to portlets to increase performances.

  • because Zope is not php and won't ever be thus the main_template
    aprroach is not suitable on Zope servers. (definitely too heavy)

  • because it will be easier for Plone sites using CPSSkins to migrate to
    CPS ;)

This projects
started during the Paris sprint last year

And I'm really really really happy to see it where it is now :) Thank you
Jean-Marc for your great work. in between.

(Post originally written by Julien Anguenot on the old Nuxeo blogs.)