Nuxeo is on the road with AIIM this week as one of the sponsors and speakers during the East Coast Seminar Series.  We're in 3 cities this year: Toronto (this week), Boston (Sept 28) and New York City (Sept 30).

These are rich and informative educational events - at NO cost to the attendee - a fantastic value when everyone is keeping an eye on their conference and training budgets.  

The Toronto day was a great opportunity to hear AIIM President and ECM visionary John Mancini talk about the trends he's seeing in the content management market.  It's a disruptive time ... but the kind of disruption that is in the favour of the ECM practitioner.  A variation of John's keynote is here on his Digital Landfill blog - but if you're in one of the Roadshow cities, I strongly recommend you register and hear it for yourself.

John and I got a chance to sit and catch up this week, always a treat to hear what other content management professionals are talking to him about, and the trends he's seeing as he engages on a daily basis with end-users making these systems work in the real world, as well as vendors and consultants.

He sees lot of new blood and fresh perspectives coming from the sponsoring vendors. We're seeing cool and real alternatives to the old school Suite vendors - open source, cloud, platforms architected for content app-builders ... end users at last have choice. There's more flexibility and real technology alternatives to meet a wider range of business problems and pricing requirements than ever before in ECM.

It's a good time to be passionate about protecting our digital cultural and corporate memory.

In Boston or NYC? Make sure you attend my session "8 Things You Need To Know About Open Source ECM".  See you there.