A new version

I have released a new version (1.0.1) of the Eclipse plugin to support
OpenOffice.org development. Here are the changes from the previous

  • a new UNO-IDL interface wizard
  • the new UNO project wizard was extended with the new service wizard as
    a second page
  • definition of default values in the wizards
  • build bug fixed (was just a workspace refreshing problem)

Important: The plugin doesn't work with the gij and gcj

Getting the new version

What's next ?

  • C++ language support: This mainly includes the cppumaker use
  • detection of the Eclipse available plugins to configure the
  • complete the code documentation and the user help
  • update of the Cheat Sheets
  • fix some configuration bugs.

(Post originally written by Cedric Bosdonnat on the old Nuxeo blogs.)