The Native-Lang Confederation is the association of all the native-lang
in (French, German, Dutch, Japanese ...)

Daniel Carrera set up some times ago the IRC conference on the #ooonlc
channel. At a given time, widely announced on OOo lists, everybody meet on

#ooonlc and a "writer" speaks about a topic of its interrest. Slides are
available before the start so everybody can follow the presentation. This is
followed by Questions & Answers and discussions.

This IRC conference occurs every two weeks, during a week-end, at a time
that suits the most of the attendees all around the world.

This week end, saturday at 17:00 (Paris time), Simon Brouwer, the 
leader of Dutch project, will speak about european software patent as he is
very active against them. Everybody is welcomed

Official announcement




The next conference, in two weeks, will be from myself dealing with addons
development for

(Post originally written by Laurent Godard on the old Nuxeo blogs.)