FontOOo is a wizard allowing installing fonts from a list hosted on the web.
This helps users having the same fonts to view their document when
exchanging them. FontOOo can be accessed through File > Autopilot>
Install Fonts from the web

As OOo 1.9.92 broke the OOoBasic FileCopy statement, i have to release a
new  1.4.1 version.  Some remote file retrieving (versioning for
self-update and licences) were still done using this statement. Now, all
copies are performed using the
SimpleFileAccess service
from ucb module

This version should be included in the 1.9.x comming versions. 1.1.x versions will be propted to upgrade

The long term job, rewriting FontOOo and DicOOo as plain native autopilots
is on the rails though ...

(Post originally written by Laurent Godard on the old Nuxeo blogs.)