is approaching !! It will take place this year at Lyon (France) from the
11th to 13th of september

Some are already there as Lyon is a nice city place to visit (Pavel, Stefan, ...). I
will personnaly come from Grenoble on sunday evening

A lot of interresting topics will be covered by the conferences on tuesday
and wednesday,
especialy regarding extensions and OOo scripting :) but also ODF topics as
well as promising lingucomponent project spellchecker presentation

On monday
many meetings are planned :
, ... a great time to discuss less formally

One more important point, our kiberpipa friends rock and kindelly
accepted to reproduce their wonderfull effort from last year. We
will have a professional-like media coverage that will cover (Note that all
of this is done only with open sources tools):

  • live video streaming

  • archiving the video on the web
  • interviews
  • blog planet (send an email to [email protected] if you want
    your blog to be included)
  • photo gallery


Also thanks to local helpers such as Charlotte, Cédric (obviously ;) ) and
Geoffroy (not so local but so efficient)

The media coverage address : (guess
what, probably still under construction ;) )

This OOoCon promises to be great event, really !!!

(Post originally written by Laurent Godard on the old Nuxeo blogs.)