The OOoCon is our high level meeting and we as a community have the
chance to decide each year where it will be located !!

The previous locations have been Hamburg (DE), Berlin (DE), Koper
This year the choice is between
Vienna (Austria)
Lyon (France)

This has been
announced by Jacqueline
, marketing lead, this morning via emails on
various lists

As the CCR i can only tell people : go and vote !!!
CAUTION : The deadline is the 19th of february - Hurry up

For participating, it is rather simple, even if in english (what I also
regret) - You've to be registered to OOo website before

  • Validate your choice


  • You'll receive an email ( subject : [] Please confirm
    your vote) asking for confirmation with a link inside you must visit
    to finalize your vote. Something like

  • Your vote is taken into account :)

That's all
Advertize around you to make the choice for the meeting place. (Everywhere
it will take place, it will be a wonderfull event)

As member of the french community, i suggest you to vote for Lyon. Really, it's a cool
place and Cédric did
a great job negociating the hosting place.

(Post originally written by Laurent Godard on the old Nuxeo blogs.)