Well, in fact, coding is the most important to me :)

But, today DicOOo is now translated into norvegian, with its 2 sublanguages
no and nn. FontOOo is on the rails and will be released soon ... Thanks to
the norvegian team, 24 hours after exchanging the first mails, the job is
done ...

OOo is a multiplateform program, but the most important to me, OOo is a
multilingual and multicultural project. That's why native-lang teams are so
important. They are dynamic ...

So yes, coding is important but OOo Addon Coders, prepare your programs to
be easily translated. They will then be useful to a majority of users

This point will be addressed by the scripting project ... A usefull addon
means, yes, a good program, but also good testing, translating, support

More than Addons, OOo also share these needs ... so many ways to

(Post originally written by Laurent Godard on the old Nuxeo blogs.)