I worked on extending DicOOo to handle the new thesaurus format. I wanted
DicOOo to propose the right files depending on the OOo version it was
running on.

DicOOo handles all plateforms and all OOo versions and i want to keep this
feature (at least for 1.1.x branch) as not everybody will switch at the same
time to the great OOo 2.0 ...

The key point is that a wrong thesaurus file format will lead to errors and
sometimes crashes in old Ooo versions.

So i designed, aggreed with lingucomponent project,
a new list of thesaurus dedicated to v2
. It already contains german,
polish and french thesaurus. English one, which is shipped with OOo, will
also be added but once it has been correctly

DicOOo now detects the OOo version and use the right list according to the
version. Off-Line packs engine have also been updated to handle this.
Nevertheless they have to be updated to include the new thesaurus and the
according list ....

DicOOo 1.5 is out
and update will be prompted by the self-update

In the mean time, i also worked on IZ47107
with Daniel Naber to solve a bug that added a closing parenthesis when
selecting a word in the  thesaurus. I patched the patch and found the
result working on my own build. Now, just to include it in the official
sources ...

Still on the road of DicOOo 2.0 that is a complete rewriting and will allow
to uninstall dictionaries ...

(Post originally written by Laurent Godard on the old Nuxeo blogs.)