I'm glad to announce that 1.0.3 release of the OOoEclipseIntegration

plugin is out. Here are the changes:

  • Basic URE support
  • User documentation
  • Developer documentation: Javadoc API completed and “howto extend”
  • Moving the language specific code into a new plugin
  • Ant scripts to automate the update site build
  • Internal model refactoring
  • Fixed some bugs

In fact there are many internal changes preparing future extensions of
the plugin. For the user, the important new thing is the URE support. Now
you can create a new UNO project using a URE instance, the type browser will
show you only the URE types and in a future version you will be able to
create a new URE application and run it.

The update site is still the same : http://cedric.bosdonnat.free.fr/ooeclipseintegration

Any report is welcomed and stay tuned...

(Post originally written by Cedric Bosdonnat on the old Nuxeo blogs.)