FontOOo is an autopilot that can be found in OOo in the menu

File > Autopilot > Add fonts from the web

When a document is sent to someone, if the font used is not free, you have
no guarantee that the receiver will be able to read your document as you
built it. In most cases, if he doesn't have the font, the substitution
mechanism will alter the layout due to differences in the fonts. FontOOo
gives a way to share free fonts and enables users to easily install missing
free fonts at OOo level.

If you want to minor the problems, use PDF format that embedded fonts (but
file size may increase) or use the Bitstream fonts family that is shipped
with OOo.

Nevertheless, if you want to have some more choices (such as barcode,
chinese fonts or other free fonts) you may want to use FontOOo.

This new version addresses some minors changes

  • Enhancement : The font preview don not show next/previous buttons
    anymore if only one font is selected (#51482)
  • Language : Chinese, Chinese simplified and Japanese are written in the
    correct language on the first page (you may then notice some rectangles as
    letters dependending of your OOo version)
  • Translation : Japanese - thanks to Takashi Kawai for the translation
    and Jean-Christophe Helary for its usefull remarks

I also added two sets of fonts to the repository

  • Toga fonts (bitstream derived) pointed by Daniel Carrera
  • Larabie fonts (some of them) pointed by Kalman Szalai

Thanks to them

The new version will be proposed as a self update when propagated on

(Post originally written by Laurent Godard on the old Nuxeo blogs.)