Last day I was reading a post of Luis Sala from Alfresco and, I have to admit it, I was amazed how he turned to a better self since he met open source.

He seemed to me like vader quitting his mask and seeing the world with his own eyes : stop hiding things to his clients, have fun doing his job, stop selling licences, etc.

Is open source a miracle potion ? I really don’t think so. Nethertheless, working in the open source industry is really amazing. I agree with you on this point Luis. It’s a fantastic approach to satisfy our client’s needs and the best way to produce software. Sadly, open source can not make better personns of us. Personnaly, I prefer let that to psychotherapy.

Be fair and square, that’s how we roll at Nuxeo, since the beginning, and that’s how we build our success. I’m very happy to see that our vision is now shared by people that first laughed at us. Seems like Gandhi’s always right…

(Post originally written by Arnaud Lefèvre on the old Nuxeo blogs.)