I have just read the article from Alan Pelz-Sharpe (from Wipro) on Intelligent Enterprise where the author is wondering if you can choose Open Source for your Enterprise Content Management system. It seems like an echo to Arnaud’s recent post.

I’m glad the message we have since 4 years begins to find some echo in the high-level consulting sphere! And I’m confident that it’s just the beginning. I am sure we will soon convince Alan that we are also highly innovative in the open source ECM market. Maybe because proprietary vendor solutions are still based on a 10-15 years old core infrastructure. Maybe because we are now directly facing customers, while proprietary vendors are only facing ISV sales and marketing departments.

At Nuxeo, for example, we are unifying document management, BPM and collaboration since the beginning. Documentum customers may well know, it’s still not the case for their vendor…

Consider trying CPS out, you may be surprised… :-)

Thanks Alan for spreading the word!

Read the full article here: Should You Consider Open-Source Content Management?

(Post originally written by Eric Barroca on the old Nuxeo blogs.)