Here at Nuxeo, we’re passionate about our people and empower them to be flexible, open-minded, and creative. Our teams have a passion for learning, strong ethical values, and unique personalities. We’re energized by ideas, collaboration, and results.

To us, our people are our secret weapon – they’re how we separate ourselves in delivering value to our customers and out-innovating our competition.

Nuxeo in Rome

As an international company with offices in six countries around the globe, our culture is a mix of many different nationalities and backgrounds. We believe these differences strengthen us and represent an integral part of what makes us unique. We come to work each day ready to innovate, collaborate, and draw upon each other’s strengths.

This is why we’ve received so much recognition as a really great place to work. Recent accolades reflecting our positive community and great workplace culture include:

Since 2008, our diverse community of developers, engineers, administrators, sales, and operational professionals have been working to fundamentally change how people work with data and content to realize new value from their information assets. Nuxeo employees approach problems with engineering mindset and a focus on helping customers. This approach includes intellectual curiosity, mutual accountability, and transparency in all actions

We believe this is a huge part of what makes working at Nuxeo so special!

Working in this environment creates an opportunity for us to learn something new every day. It also allows us to be more innovative and creative when approaching new challenges or coming up with solutions to individual and/or collective roadblocks.

We receive numerous awards for our Content Services Platform (CSP) and the way it improves the business operations of the enterprises we work with, while also enabling them to serve their customers better. And we’re really proud of that. But we’re also really proud of the accolades that reflect how important our employees are to us.

If you’d like to learn more about working at Nuxeo, please feel free to contact us or check our some of our current job openings.

Nuxeo in Rome