Your team likely spends a lot of time working in their inbox. What if you could add information management features inside your Outlook inbox? What if you could secure even more your content and your data? What if your team could stay in Outlook and still benefit from the advantages of a powerful Content Services Platform? To answer all of those questions, Nuxeo has delivered a connector to the most popular tool for managing emails, Microsoft Outlook. Nuxeo Outlook Connector will save you a lot of time and help your team to focus on what matters: your bottom line.

Why a Nuxeo Outlook Connector?

Most large organizations are using Outlook to manage their business email messages. After several customer conversations, we understood the frustration caused by the need to switch back and forth between their content repositories and their email application. We understood that they were wasting a lot of time switching between applications and that sometimes their most valuable asset, their business content, was getting lost. Even worse, users would often share the incorrect content – outdated information, previous versions, etc. – via email.

The benefits of integrating our repository inside of the Outlook interface were obvious: direct access to all your content from the company’s single source of truth.

With the Nuxeo Outlook Connector, users don’t need to download content to their desktop to use it within Outlook. They simply navigate the repository via a side panel in Outlook to drag and drop the managed content to their email message.

How do you use the Nuxeo Outlook Connector?

Most customers will use this connector to archive content directly from your Outlook inbox. Archive your email messages with their attachments, meetings, or appointments – even files from the Windows file system by simply dragging and dropping the file into the Nuxeo folder. But there’s more to that.

Drag & drop Content in your emails or your repository
If you’re a Nuxeo user, you won’t get lost. The browsing behavior is similar to what you’re used to with Web UI breadcrumbs. The connector gives you access to all of your folders and content. Like using Web UI, you can navigate folder structures, work with existing documents, and upload new content into the current folder. Therefore, you can browse and drag content between the repository to emails, the simplest and most efficient way to save or add attachments.

More efficient content search

Enjoy a powerful search engine for your content directly from Outlook. With the Nuxeo Outlook Connector, you benefit from our enterprise search capabilities straight from the Nuxeo panel. You can search not only within the Nuxeo repository but also across other federated sources, and you can apply filters to narrow your search. All without leaving Outlook!

Simple Versioning and Editing

Previewing documents is possible in two clicks. Open your Nuxeo instance in the browser from the contextual menu. From there, you can see that the metadata are correctly added: sender, subject, sending date, and recipient. Back to our Nuxeo Outlook Connector, you can create new versions and replace files of your documents.

For customers that use Nuxeo Drive, our desktop sync tool, or Office Online through our WOPI integration, you will be delighted to get editing capabilities right into the connector. Modify your documents’ information, save them automatically back to your repository, and access them from Outlook. After editing your document, you can view its version history and review previous versions.

Nuxeo Outlook Connector Demo

To understand the power of the tool, watch a quick demo of the Nuxeo Outlook Connector:

Video Content

Find more information on how to set up the Nuxeo Outlook Connector in our technical documentation.