There’s nothing more frustrating for a designer than a convoluted DAM workflow process. Designs that were given the thumbs up from the creative team can then be ripped to pieces by a department across the hall with 101 different revisions. When slight changes to packaging iterations can result in an entire overhaul, modern enterprises must move away from disparate manual solutions and toward smarter digital tools.

Forward-thinking companies are turning to smarter packaging development solutions like Product Asset Management (PAM) tools to streamline the development of new packages and eliminate silos. Our Nuxeo Platform has been a particularly disruptive influence, providing everyone involved in the packaging development process a central location to design, review, and manage approvals.

With 72% of American consumers reporting their buying decisions are influenced by packaging design, getting creatives and business teams together to produce their best work couldn’t be any more vital. After all, small mistakes can ruin an entire project. The writing is on the wall; smart packaging design is the future.

Why do I Need Smart Packaging Design?

Legacy systems and manual processes are notoriously prone to siloing. Trying to use ad-hoc solutions like email threads and messenger apps to stay on top of project files, changes, and iterations is a recipe for disaster. A productivity killer. Relying on inefficient manual processes creates some key issues, including:

  • Repetitive manual work - Packaging designers are forced to piece together content out of materials on several disparate systems and produce packaging versions for multiple markets.
  • A complicated and time-consuming review and approval process - The review and approval process can vary across multiple departments, with reviews taking place through a confusing mix of emails and in-person meetings.
  • Labeling errors, delays, and costly redesigns - A complex manual process increases the likelihood of labeling errors, particularly if you’re using a PLM to record technical product specifications like ingredients and nutrition information and then manually transferring them into another system.

Our solution to the problem faced in the creative lifecycle was to design a Content Services Platform (CSP) that provides business teams and creatives with a single channel to communicate through. Nuxeo doesn’t just take a “one repository for all” approach but instead integrates with external systems that you’ve already paid for and love (like Dropbox and Adobe!).

The platform’s cutting edge API-first content services architecture and low-code innovation make it possible to connect systems with Nuxeo to put together content and data across the product lifecycle.

Our integrated approach enables everyone involved in the packaging design, review, and approval process to collaborate through one central platform. Enhanced communication accelerates the product development process.

For example, through the Nuxeo Platform, a designer can access product information, view relationships between packaging versions, and manage iterations all-in-one place. There’s no hopping back and forth between emails for documents. The result is a smarter product design process.

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Getting Packaging Development Teams to Talk: Annotation

Creative work is collaborative by nature. If you want to create killer designs for complex objects, then your team needs to be able to communicate effectively. The challenge is getting designers, creatives, and technical staff in multiple departments to stay on the same page. We’ve addressed this head-on with annotation.

Through the Nuxeo Platform, a team of users can comment on designs and share their feedback. Annotation supports all document types, including images, videos, 3D files, and more, so you’re not limited to flat designs. Users can also reply to comments, which allows a real-time conversation to take place between employees in-app. Real-time communication gives everyone a voice.

Approval workflows transform the approval process. Features like group voting, pool-based approvals, and multi-level approval requirements make it easier to gather feedback and sign-off on designs quickly. A leaner approval process means faster project delivery.

More Visibility, More Context

Visibility is one of the key challenges packaging design teams face throughout the product development lifecycle. Companies using multiple non-specialized solutions often struggle to maintain transparency over projects. Lack of visibility slows productivity down to a crawl.

We take a strategic approach by offering a highly configurable platform that can adapt to the specific needs of the user. For instance, an intuitive and customizable dashboard gives the user control over their perspective and how they manage the package development process. The Nuxeo Platform is flexible, enabling you to assign different user roles to each member of your team. Users only see the information that’s relevant to their role and nothing more.

The platform also goes a step farther than many Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions with features designed specifically to support the packaging development process. For example, creative teams have the option to create localized packaging and produce multiple versions of the same designs with a full version history.

Smart Packaging Development is the Future

If you want to create compelling packaging designs, then your package development process needs to be flexible to accommodate feedback. Adopting a powerful and transformative PAM solution like Nuxeo gives you a complete version history and audit trail to stay on top of new designs and adapt to new product iterations without being inundated by manual admin.

Moving to a smart product asset management approach is an excellent way to future-proof your product lifecycle management. Eliminating silos with smart packaging development will bring creatives and business teams together so you can stop worrying about dull manual processes and start thinking about how to create better designs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Legacy systems and manual processes are notoriously prone to siloing. Trying to use ad-hoc solutions like email threads and messenger apps to stay on top of project files, changes, and iterations is a recipe for disaster. A productivity killer. Relying on inefficient manual processes creates some key issues.