After a first day of presentation and thaughts, the coding sessions started

Michel, Tres and I are working today on zemantic integration into the new
CPS Webmail (CPSMailAccess) wich is based on Five.

The goal is to replace the actual Zope 2 ZCatalog engine with a Zemantic
based search engine, that will provide more interesting combinations in mail

Furthermore, it will be giving results at the speed of light as Zemantic
can handle millions of entries in his RDF Triple Store structure.

Zemantic is beeing extended so Mail Message will be adapted in a
IRDFThreeTuples Interface, that will be passed to the engine.

Zemantic is more likely to be used as a library within the ZOPE2/Five
Product at this time, since Five does not bring all needed zcml bindings
yet, used by Zemantic.

But it doesn't matter since it is more likely to be a step forward to a
100% Zope 3, and this is what's important.

(Post originally written by Tarek Ziadé on the old Nuxeo blogs.)