After a first day of setting up everybody and finding intersting subjects to
work on, I spent today working on the Five-2.8 integration.

One of my goals was to remove monkey-patching, which is mainly done except
that Five has a need for an unrestricted TALES engine, but Zope's TALES
engine is very not modular and very difficult to subclass. Five, to
avoid copying code, is actually using code from Dieter Maurer that copies
function objects and rebind their arguments to add new definitions to the
scope... a nice hack but maybe something we can get rid of.

The goal is to release a beta of Zope 2.8 that includes Five (and the needed
Zope X3 components) as soon as possible, possibly by the end of the week
(but don't hold your breath).

This will be very useful because it will put Zope 3 technologies directly in
the hands of Zope developers, without any additional installs. That's
crucial to gain acceptance and visibility, and more importantly to gain
developers that will be more willing to work with Zope 3.