Perficient is excited to be growing its partnership with Nuxeo. Nuxeo Platform’s cloud first, open-source open-kitchen approach to content services, and digital asset management has proven powerful and reliable to our customers. Nuxeo Platform comes packaged with a flexible Elasticsearch implementation that is easily integrated with Nuxeo Platform-powered applications. Frequently, however, customers have additional search needs for site search, catalog, e-commerce, or internal knowledge bases which require easy integration and synchronization with a separate search engine. Now, with Perficient’s Handshake framework, customers have the ability to easily connect Nuxeo Platform content to over 10 search targets.

We have worked with the Nuxeo team to develop our first generation of Nuxeo Search Connector, allowing Nuxeo Platform content, metadata, and permissions to be easily indexed into all of our supported search platforms, including Coveo, Google Cloud Search, Amazon Kendra, and Elasticsearch.

Handshake maintains security, metadata, and content when sending to your search solution, locking down restricted content and surfacing search terms. It can be deployed alongside your Nuxeo Platform, or remotely, with adaptable hardware and deployment options. It also has a rich transformation pipelines and an extensible framework to combine, modify, or filter content in flight.

For more information, check out the Handshake entry in the Nuxeo marketplace!