Last month we ran a series of webinars and asked the participants to share their thoughts on two topics related to open source DAM as well as overall ECM challenges. The results were interesting on both fronts.

Question 1:
What are the main benefits you think can be derived by using open source DAM? Our multiple choice responses included:

  • Meets my company's commitment to open source

  • The community has a voice in the product roadmap

  • Low up-front costs

  • Ability to customize and tailor the platform to your needs

  • Get a project started more quickly.

The surprising result? "All of the above". With only 1 vote separating the 5 choices, no one dominant benefit was driving our online participants. What does this mean? To Nuxeo, it validates our belief that companies choose open source content management applications for a variety of reasons - sometimes cost driven, but more often than not it is the desire and need to enjoy the flexibility of customizing the systems for their own business needs, being able to contribute to its evolution, and not have to sit around and wait for their vendor to cough up evaluation license keys.

Question 2:

What is your Biggest ECM Challenge Today?

  • Inability to address specific business use cases

  • Building a business case or determining ROI

  • First generation ECM software not meeting today's plans

  • Managing digital content

The clear winner here with almost 30% of the vote? "Inability to address specific business use cases". Now this is interesting.

Clearly generic document management with some workflow, archiving or foldering features doesn't cut it any more. Customers are looking to use ECM to achieve specific business goals and outcomes. When the project budget gets blown on license acquisition rather than the essential requirements analysis and use-case identification, projects become problematic. There are dozens of repeatable, predictable processes in business - both horizontal and vertical - but ultimately your organization will be a little unique. Nuxeo's ECM platform strategy is clear here - we deliver software that is built to be customized, extensible, integrated and tailored. The more specific your business use case, the better we shine.

In February we announced Nuxeo Studio, the "configuration and customization environment for Nuxeo ECM offerings". Nuxeo Studio is quickly becoming an essential service used by many of our Nuxeo Online Services customers and Galaxy Partner community.

So if your current ECM suite is contributing to an inability to address your specific business use cases, you may want to give Nuxeo a try. Download it here or test drive an online trial.