Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 10.11.08 AMThe latest release of the Nuxeo Platform, Fast Track 7.3, provides a new add-on called Nuxeo Media Publishing for publishing videos to external services. This add-on enables users to publish videos stored in the Nuxeo repository to external video hosting websites without leaving the Nuxeo Platform UI. I will walk you through the installation process and show how you can get started with Nuxeo Media Publishing!

Nuxeo Media Publishing for Marketing: A sample use case

Many organizations, particularly popular consumer brands, utilize videos as a vital component of their marketing mix. Marketing departments must effectively:

  • Manage its digital assets (videos) in a central repository
  • Control distribution of these videos on social networks

Both these requirements can be easily met using the Nuxeo Platform and the Media Publishing add-on. While the add-on already includes implementations for YouTube and Wistia, the add-on is pluggable, and designed to support a wide array of providers. Writing a new plugin for another publishing platform, such as Slideshare, Facebook, etc. is quite easy!

Videos Stored in the Nuxeo Platform Videos stored in the Nuxeo Platform (in this case the videos are screencasts of Nuxeo Platform feature demos)(1)

Video published on Wistia Video published on Wistia (in this case, the video is a screencast of a Nuxeo Platform demo)

Video published on YouTube Video published on YouTube (in this case, the video is a screencast of a Nuxeo Platform demo)

How to install the Nuxeo Media Publishing add-on

This add-on can be installed like any other package from the Nuxeo Marketplace or from the Admin tab. However, it does require the installation of the Digital Asset Management (DAM) add-on which provides multimedia files (pictures, audios and videos).

After the Media Publishing package is installed, two new OAuth2 service providers are added to the Nuxeo Platform (see Admin > Cloud Services > Service providers). These providers must be properly configured before users can use them to publish videos.

You will find detailed technical documentation here on how to configure Nuxeo Media Publishing for YouTube and Wistia.

List of available service providers List of available service providers

How to add a new publishing platform

If you would like to define additional media publishing providers, you can contribute a new publishing service to the Nuxeo Media Publishing add-on.

You can find detailed steps in our Nuxeo Platform documentation.

How to get started publishing videos

Installing this add-on enriches the Publish tab of a video document with a set of external providers where videos can be published. This add-on also adds a new section in the Summary page which lists all the providers available and the respective status of the video (either “Published” or “Not published”).

Once a video is published, additional information is displayed, such as:

  • The URL of the video in the external video host (External Link)
  • An embeddable HTML snippet that can be put on an external website (Embed Code)
  • Statistics for the video (such as number of views, likes, comments) as provided by YouTube and Wistia

Statistics on your video Statistics on your video

Here’s a video demonstration showing how to publish a video on YouTube. Check it out and get started with Nuxeo Media Publishing!

(1) And it really is challenging to screenshot a screenshot and screencast a screencast, you feel like you are in the Twilight Zone :)