Cool question asked by Nelson Silva: what about Blogs, Wikis, and WCM features? We get this question a lot actually. Publishing the content you manage in your Enterprise Content Management system on the web seems perfectly legit. And there are as of now many different ways to do this in the Nuxeo Platform. You can use the publishing features with WebEngine, and you can create small Blogs and Wiki documents. These can be seen as light features compared to full-fledged WCM solutions and they are indeed! Nuxeo as a vendor won’t take the path to becoming a WCM solution with complex features like multilingual web publishing, portal management, online marketing capabilities, and personalization. You’d be much better off with a best-of-breed WCM solution connected to Nuxeo through CMIS or Content Automation APIs, if your project requires advanced WCM capabilities.

However, some WCM features or Web Publishing features in Nuxeo could totally make sense and might happen!

So as Alain said, if you need to build a WCM-like feature:

There is no “ready-to-use” bundle. Each Nuxeo project that has a “Content Management” flavor faces many options : - for front-end templating engine (JSF based? WebEngine based? other language based ? Leveraging NX Themes? ) - Content/Structure model (Generic articles? more personalized objects?) - publishing pattern (ACL based? Source/Proxy based? Using lifecycle?).

And it would certainly be good for Nuxeo to have a more advanced technical solution for each of these options. Here we would love input and potentially contributions from the community! Please bring your ideas and code, this is an official call to the community :) If you guys want to see WCM-like features in Nuxeo or on the Nuxeo Marketplace, we really want to talk more about this. We need your input to organize the different light WCM-like features each of us would like to see integrated in Nuxeo.

There is another real reason why people could expect WCM based on Nuxeo. Now that I explained why we don’t focus at Nuxeo on this, I should reiterate that Nuxeo’s main mission is to provide a platform for developers to build content-centric applications, and certainly a WCM solution is a content-centric application. So YES a WCM solution made out of Nuxeo would make sense and be awesome. However, it is simply not Nuxeo’s mission to focus on this one. But if a new Application Builder partner wants to focus on that – I think it would be a very good idea to compete in the WCM arena. In that respect, I can only invite you to check out what people like Stepnet did with their solution SmartMedia. Although this is not WCM – it’s an editorial and publishing platform – it’s still very impressive!