I've read some time ago an very interesting article about
RDF and relational databases. I've exactly the same feeling :
we all can gain to replace many SQL databases with RDF
databases in many contexts.

The article:
RDF as database by JBowtie. (the whole blog about semantic
web is also interesting)

I would like to see Nuxeo more involved into the semantic
web and I'm happy that CPSSchemas will very shortly support
RDF so that any document will be able to render as RDF

Imagine... All our CPS indexing their
metadata in an RDF
database allowing to search all our content (intranet, blog,
extranet, websites, etc.) in a seamless and simple way. Then
imagine yourself using OWL to connect
all those different metadata schemas (if they were) or making
them evolve, scripting in SPARQL to
perform complex query and.... you got the best index / search
platform that we ever dreamt ! (I, in fact :-)

Before dreaming I just like to see RDF in CPSSchemas and
used in CPS (to put
an RDF description, by default, in HTML pages) and maybe the
integration of Zemantic
to replace some index of ZCatalog.

Other interesting links :

(Post originally written by Eric Barroca on the old Nuxeo blogs.)