Portals, Content & Collaboration
in Baltimore this week, a conference specifically
targeting  information professionals who need to guide
their businesses on the whole spectrum of content management -
collaboration, information governance, social media, portals and web.

tough part? Trying to choose between great sessions scheduled in the
same time slot.  Solid content by some great presenters....

are a few of the highlights:

  • Open
    source ECM is on the upswing.  While it still represents a
    small percentage of the overall market, numerous sessions called it
    out as something organizations need to consider as part of their
    overall decision making process. It's growing in popularity, being
    asked about more frequently, and analysts are absolutely paying
    attention to their customer interest.   

  • 2012
    seems to be targeted as the 'break out' year for cloud content
    applications.  A session called "Is a Content Appliance in
    Your Future: Content Management Architectures Evolve to Meet
    Evolving User Demands" was led by 
    . She
    had some great stats on the kinds of workplace applications that
    were early cloud successes - outsourced document capture, e-mail,
    web conferencing, and instant messaging all have important traction
    today, but new content apps were anticipated to hit critical mass by
    2012: vertical/horizontal applications for specific industries or
    specialized business processes - example of invoice processing. Was
    good to see this as
    continues to invest in and build cloud editions of our key

  • Attended
    2 really compelling sessions by
    The first I attended while wearing my "newbie CMO" hat.
     Titled "
    Content Management: Engaging Through Web Channel Strategies,
    Marketing", was great and sometimes provocative  discussion
    of how to use a corporate web site/web presence to really drive
    business.  Took copious notes, as we internally at Nuxeo strive
    to continue to improve our web site and evolve it into an important
    source of lead and demand generation.  A work in progress, but
    one that we are committed to.

  • The
    second Bell session I attended was packed with interesting
    observations, trends and identification of some potentially
    subversive and destructive forces at play in the ECM market.
     "What's in Store for Enterprise Content Management Beyond
    2010?.  Great analysis of the evolution of the space from its
    definition in 2005 to current state. We appear to be in the midst of
    early stage transition from ECM as all purpose infrastructure to
    more pressure from business to find content management platforms
    upon which to build content applications. By 2012 the "Composite
    Content Applications" focus will begin dominate the buying
    decisions.  (Note - CCA is the next evolution of the solution
    category once called CEVA "Content Enabled Vertical
    Application").  ECM is a complex technology space - and the
    session highlighted what made it so complex. The inevitable yin-yang
    polar pulls of Risk vs. Reward, Fixed vs. Dynamic Content, 'Blue
    collar" transactional content vs. "professional grade"
    knowledge creation were all called out as the forces shaping content
    management applications and use cases. Another external validation
    of the direction Nuxeo has anticipated and bodes well for our
    ability to deliver a content app platform to meet evolving market

  • Video
    is the next hot thing.... a fun and highly entertaining session led

    Honestly? I attended because of the title.  But stayed for the
    compelling story-telling approach to a really interesting and
    important area that we see increasingly important to our Nuxeo DAM
    and Nuxeo EP evolution. "
    Was a Teenage YouTube Star: Strategic, Tactical and Calamitous
    Futures of Video, Inside and Outside the Enterprise" had
    some fascinating stats on video adoption - the commoditization of
    the means of production - phones, pocket video recorders, digital
    cameras are all easily affordable consumer products that have been
    used to fuel the explosion of digital recording. Companies not
    managing it today will quickly find themselves in a storage,
    ediscovery, corporate memory preservation dilemma if this wildly
    growing content type isn't thought about soon.

  • But
    no surprise that perhaps the best was saved for last. The final
    workshop I attended on Thursday morning was co-led by
    and Carol
    . The session title was “Social Software Meets
    Information Governance”. My two favourite topics in one place! I
    came in a bit late, after the room had broken into discussion
    groups, so tried to hide at the back of the room with some other
    late stragglers. Glad I did... had a fascinating discussion with
    someone in a consumer goods company who was struggling to find the
    right balance for her company's social media needs. IT had shut down
    access to most social networks, but her business needed to get more
    proactive in reaching out to their consumers who loved their
    product. Glad our scenario fueled some discussion and debate on the
    topic. A big group for a workshop, but feedback seemed
    overwhelmingly positive and session was valuable...and clearly

Great to have a chance to speak in person with several analysts, learn about some cool new companies, and get a chance to say 'hi' to some wonderful old ECM-world colleagues.  Until next year!