I remember my first re:Invent in 2012. 5000 people were talking about the new services from Amazon they use and how they use them, how the cloud changed and shrunk their delivery processes, and much more. It was the time when I realized that I was living a new revolution. In my mind, I kind of summed up every re:Invent as one main technology emergence:

Of course these are just shortcuts as every re:Invent had way more new announcements, for instance, 2014 with Lambda, which was the premise of the 2015 serverless cloud.

This year, there were 19000 people at re:Invent! If we keep adding 5000 people every year we’ll soon have to reserve all of Las Vegas for the event! This huge conference with a lot of AWS partners explaining their ecosystem is really great. Luckily, Las Vegas is full of resources and the Keynote hall also seems to grow automatically every year.

Let’s take a detailed look at what these keynotes announced and a glance at serverless cloud emergence in my blog: Amazon re:Invent 2015.

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