We are making some changes to our release cycles for the Nuxeo Platform, so our customers can benefit from new features without waiting for a major version release. What? How? Why? Will Bruce Willlis save us from the Data-Geddon? All of these questions -- and more -- will be answered in this post. Just keep reading.

Long Term Support (LTS) -> Evens

Each Long Term Support (LTS) version, including the current release, Nuxeo Platform 5.6, will be maintained for three years. This version will get all the hot fixes during that time span, but new features will only be available for version releases, which will happen about once a year. LTS versions will have even numbers, so 5.6 now, and the next one will be 5.8.

Fast Track Releases -> Odds

If you cannot wait a full year to get the cool new features that our team develops (I can't), we have a different kind of release for you, the Fast Track. There will be a new Fast Track version roughly every 2 months. This release cycle is better for customers who prefer flexibility and fast availability of new features over maintenance duration. The Fast Track won't have regular hot fixes unless there's a blocker issue. The idea is to move to the next release for all the fixes. It will also be supported only for our most common environment: Linux, Tomcat, PostgreSQL/Oracle.

The Fast Track will have odd version numbers, so the next series will be 5.7.x. The last Fast Track in the 5.7 series will become the following major version, the LTS 5.8.

More About Version Numbers

Let's talk a little about version numbers. The basic idea is that LTS versions have an even major version:

  • The next LTS will be 5.8. It's in a 5.8 branch in git, within the POM 5.8-HF01-SNAPSHOT, just like we're doing today. After release, the master branch will be switched in the POM to 5.9-SNAPSHOT.

  • Fast Track releases after 5.8 will be named 5.9.1, 5.9.2, 5.9.3, etc. They will be tagged as such in git.

  • So if we switched the current code today, the master branch would named and tagged 5.7.1.

Now why are we doing this? Well, we're responding to customer feedback. Some customers want to have access to new features sooner, and nothing would please us more.

But it's more than that: it also puts more time between the major releases (now called LTS), which was also a request from our customers who wanted more planning time for version upgrades.

For those who are starting a new project, it creates a very smooth development model. You start a project with the Fast Track version, which will have new features that aren't included in the previous LTS. Then, you switch to the next major version LTS before going into production to get the best of both worlds.

So the next version of the Nuxeo Platform will be on the Fast Track - version 5.7.1 - and will feature a revamped DAM.

To sum it up:

LTS Version

  • Means major releases with Long Term Suport

  • 3 years of maintenance

  • Release cycle: once a year

Fast Track Version

  • Means minor, more frequent releases

  • Maintenance until the next FT is released

  • Only blocker bugs are fixed

  • Release cycle: about every 2 months

Let us know what you think of this, and if you need more information. We'll be happy to answer any questions about this new version naming scheme.