The first
session of the Developpers Article Contest is running
and will end at
the end of the month.

As announced, this contest is to generate new documentation to developpers
and everybody can participate. Developpers and technical writers are
welcomed to propose articles. The subject has to cover a technical aspect of
OOo such as building, patching, addon, extensions or OOo scripting

Submissions have to be sent as attachments in the OASIS OpenDocument file
format to the mailing list [email protected]

contest rules
can be found on the OOoWiki. Each
month, an article will be elected and the winner author will earn 750 euros.
He will also be member of the comitee for three months if he wants The
remaining articles will stay in the contest for the next month so you have
many chances to win :-)

So, write your articles and submit them. We are all waiting reading them

(Post originally written by Laurent Godard on the old Nuxeo blogs.)