Let's see how you can display RSS feeds inside pages from your  Nuxeo application.

What are RSS feeds ? RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works in a standardized format (more here). You can aggregate many sources of information in one single page, thus allowing you to stay tuned on your favorite topics.

Web sites often offer their visitors to subscribe to their RSS feeds, which means that you, as an RSS feed consumer, receive a list of title and description of their new articles, with a link to directly access the website.

Let's see how you can display RSS feeds from The web site of Nuxeo and from the blog Lounge into your Nuxeo Dashboard.

Plase note that the next sequence requires some special configuration that can be done by the Administrator of your Nuxeo App. I'll explain right after what this configuration is.

Now let's say you want to add feeds from Nuxeo Lounge, Florent Guillaume's and Eric Barroca's blogs into your Dashboard, like this :

Image 6

  • 1 - Connect to Nuxeo, go into your dashboard, then type "ctrl+w". It makes a vertical bar appear on the left, and a yellow "webwidget area" in the middle. Deploy this bar (by clicking on the arrow) and then choose "Feed Reader".

Image 21

  • 2 - Drag 'n drop a "Feed Reader" box in the webwidget area. If you don't have a yellow webwidget area, see instructions below (you will need help of a user with Administrator profile).

Image 23

  • 4 - You can then close the webwigets menu, and see the result :

Image 7

How to configure a Webwidget area ?

The webwidget area should be inserted as a NXTheme fragment in the theme used by your application. This sounds quite technical, but it only requires few mouse clicks from your application's Administrator:

  • 1 - Click on "Theme management" link, then on "dashboard" page. It should display the content of the dashboard page.

  • 2 - Right click in the page and select "add fragment", then choose "Webwidget panel"

Image 14

  • 3 - You can see the new fragment (in orange/yellow). You need to configure it to be able to use it : right click on the fragment, click on edit, and set a title, the provider (provider determines what list of widgets users will be proposed and how their own configuration will be saved, here you should use "user provider").

Image 16

  • 4 - Then, you need to give a style to your newly added fragment, otherwise, it will have the appearance of very poor html. To do so, click on "Style" and choose "common style".

Image 17

  • 5 - You can now exit the theme editor. Users can follow the first steps of this post

As you can subscribe to RSS feeds from the Nuxeo repository (folders content and search results),  you can literally configure  your own view of the document repository :

Image 8

Note also that for security reasons, authorized RSS urls are pre-defined by configuration, to avoid abuses.
Enjoy !