Are you new to Nuxeo and just want to check us out? Maybe you’ve been waiting impatiently for Nuxeo World to come around again? Do the memories from last year keep you up at night in anticipation of this year’s event? Well, the time has come: NUXEO WORLD IS BACK! And it has a whole new bounce!

To keep in mind:

  • Dates: October 25-26

  • Location: Paris - Eurosite Republique - 8 rue de la Fontaine au Roi (Paris XIeme)

Why the new bounce?
What’s new in 2012?

First off, the location for this year’s event is the Eurosite Republique, the ideal place for conferencing and networking. Everything will be at the same under one roof. The spacious main auditorium (150 seats) will welcome all of us for the global talks and keynotes, and we’ll have smaller breakout rooms for technical talks and demos. The coffee breaks, happy hours, and cocktail hours will be held at Eurosites as well, near the meeting rooms.

Secondly, for the 2012 conference we've improved the format to better adapt it to your needs. The first day will focus on conference sessions, whereas the second day will be dedicated to training workshops. The feedback we’ve received from previous conferences underscored the importance of offering some free training opportunities. So this year actions we will show off the power of Nuxeo with hands-on activities, rather than with long speeches. What’s more, we listened what you had to say last year, and the main point was the need for hands-on and practical sessions, so that’s what we planned for this year!

However, be aware that seats will be limited to 60 (2 training rooms of 30 people) to facilitate exchanges and more interactive sessions. These sessions will be on a ‘1st come 1st served basis’ so register now, before it fills up!

Lastly, the pricing has also been updating in a nice way. We want everyone to be able to participate and join our conference. Nuxeo World is also a chance to network, meet people who have challenges in common, meet the Nuxeo team, etc. We don’t want the price to be a roadblock. Also, the earlier you register, the cheaper your ticket will be. Early-bird prices will start from 90 euros per person for the 2 days, including coffee breaks, dining cocktail, and the now already traditional Thursday-night community wine and beer tasting.

You don’t want to miss that! Register now on
You will also find more details about the schedule, and other information.

I’m proud to be our Nuxeo World Event Manager this year, so don’t hesitate to contact me with any concerns or questions.

The final agenda is still being refined, and we are looking for people willing to share their experiences with Nuxeo. If you would like to speak at Nuxeo World feel free to contact me. Let the community see how Nuxeo changed your business. We love hearing your stories!

Nuxeo World is also a unique opportunity to meet prospects from all over the world, analysts, media outlets, etc. If you are interested in sponsoring our event, we have a sponsor package which limits the number of sponsors, enhancing your visibility during our event. Kindly contact me if you’re interested.

I’ll see you at Nuxeo World 2012!