OK, this is a bit late, but here is the announcement:

Please everybody join us in #cps on IRC on irc.freenode.net tomorrow (27
october 2005).

The goal of  this bugday is to fix as many bug as possible for the
upcoming 3.4 release.

This stable release will include, among all bugfixes several

    Zope 2.8.1 and CMF 1.5.3 required

          o Zope 2.8 gives
much better conflict behaviour

Full CPSSkins integration

          o No more boxes

    Optimize document indexing

          o Indexing done once
at the end of the transaction

          o Correct for
multilingual documents


          o CMFSetup

          o Business templates

    Notification management

          o i18n of

User management

          o Default to

          o LDAP

          o PAS with

    * Functional modules

          o CPSWiki

          o CPSBlog

          o Comments