There’s been a huge response to our recent blog post, the Future of DAM, but while we described that future in detail there, we didn’t show it to you as an example. So today I’m sharing a video that shows how we’re bringing the future of Digital Asset Management to customers today with our Nuxeo Marketing DAM Accelerator. First, I want to introduce you to the team you’ll be following.

Meet the team

Here’s a video of the full demo so you can see how it all comes together.

To help you follow along, here’s the story:
1. Alice has engaged Josh, a photographer, for a photoshoot to get images for the campaign.
Since Josh is an independent-minded guy who likes to do things his way, he prefers Dropbox instead of needing to log in to a new system for every client.
2. He posts his shots to his Dropbox account, and the Nuxeo Content Services Platform automatically indexes them – without moving the images themselves – and adds tags automatically using the Nuxeo Vision cloud service.
3. With high performance and user-friendly search, Alice finds exactly what she’s looking for in a flash in the system, picks the shots she likes best, and shares them with the creative team to turn into ads.
4. Bob’s been assigned to work on the project, and he gets to work in his favorite tool, Photoshop. He can access the Nuxeo Platform from right within his Adobe Creative applications to create the ads, and even send them for review without ever leaving his desktop
5. His Art Director, Lisa, reviews and annotates content and can send it back to Bob, but once she’s satisfied, she can mark it as creative approved.
6. Alice gets a final look and publishes the ads to the brand portal for Rainier’s retail customers to pick up.
7. Julie, the Sporting Goods retail marketing manager, logs into the Rainier brand portal, picks the brand she wants and can download the assets she needs right away.


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