On October 27, I was pleased to lead a Marketing Peer-to-Peer Workshop for Communitech in Waterloo, Canada.

Communitech is a regional technology association, helping companies bring innovation and ideas to the market.
The title of the workshop was "Social Media 101" - and the goal of the session was to get the 30 or so attendees comfortable using one or more social media channels to help augment their current marketing activities.

Lots of buzz in recent months in the news, and online about using tools such as twitter, community forums, Linked In, or Facebook for customer engagement - but it's not easy to get started if the tools and culture of online conversation aren't familiar.

So after test-driving this session over great food and wine with a few fellow marketers I also call friends, voila - the first public version of the workshop.
It's a workshop I intend to continue to build - and deliver - as I work to ramp up the Nuxeo social media presence, and get more of our Galaxy partners on board as well...