I'm working for some month on RDF and I can remember how
difficult was to learn RDF (not really to understand how it
works, but what is the real power behind). Here is some links
that could be usefull to discover, learn and use RDF.

Discovering RDF :

Learn RDF :

Some tools to use and work with RDF :

  • Sesame : RDF
    database and engine, our first choice, Java based

  • Redland : a
    full-featured RDF framework, C based, many bindings to use it
    from other languages, our second choice since the Java
    binding is still in beta

  • Zemantic : RDF Catalog
    for Zope 3 (use Python RDFLib) [early
    development stage]

  • Jena : Java
    based RDF framework

  • RDFDB :
    triple-store written in C

At Indesko we currently use Sesame (for Java based projects)
and RDFLib for Python based project. We are monitoring Redland
and could switch in the future if it appears to be much better
than the other (mainly in term of performances).

(Post originally written by Eric Barroca on the old Nuxeo blogs.)