Here is a non-exhaustive list of what people have been doing during the
sprint, as was reported during the sprint wrapup:

Jean-Marc Orliaguet: has ported (in fact totally rewrote) CPSSkins for Zope3. The
"main content area" (the place where the current document or folder is
displayed) is now a portlet like all the other portlets.

Ph. von Weitershausen: we need a common vocabulary for portlets,
pagelets, whatever. Otherwise it gets confusing.

Tres Seavers: has worked on the pipeline machinery.
The point is to be able to define series of transformations that apply to an
input. A pipeline is a list of callable objects. For example, a pipeline
that converts an XML document to a DOM, then does something to the DOM like
adding some elements, then converts it back to a string. The code for
pipeline itself is not very interesting.

Tarek Ziadé / Godefroid Chappelle: AJAX development for Zope = AZAX. We
have created a model where yuo creat .azax files that are combined with .pt
files, and a preprocessor creates on the fly the JavaScript code that is
included in the HTML page. Everything else is standard AJAX. The benefit for
the developer is that he/she doesn't have to write complex JS code.

Florent Guillaume: after I started coding a proxy model for Z3, I
realized that the proxy model is too complex and that there are many risks
associated. And I've decided to go back to a more traditional model with
checkins/checkouts. I'll be presenting that at EuroPython tomorrow.