Hi content geeks,

Last week was our second edition of Nuxeo World. Lots of very cool things to talk about...met some really interesting members of our community and in the process were able to exchange thoughts about ECM and Nuxeo. Two very inspiring days, along with a wonderful evening in which I had my photo projected on a 3x4m wall... thanks Roland ;). All of this of course happened for a reason, as I'm now filling the community guy shoes for Nuxeo. :)

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Sprint attendees

So we finally gave in to the trend :D . We have a community liaison here at Nuxeo, and that would be me, Laurent Doguin. I'm thrilled because there are lots of amazing things to do, many topics to discuss and from what I saw during the 2 days at Nuxeo World, great people who are building our community. First things first, this blog (thanks M Soulcie) is where I'll regularly talk about what's going on in the community. Of course I won't be the only one posting here. Since this is a 'community' blog, you're all welcome to post content here. By the way Damien and Laurence already contributed their thoughts on the event.

I'll personally try to give you updates on what's cooking inside our walls so you guys get more visibility for your own projects. This will also be the opportunity to regularly talk about our Roadmap. I'll tell you a bit more about when we'll open it (Soon :-) ).

Another part of my role will be to provide some technical, pedagogical content like tutorials, small case studies or quick examples. The first candidate for slated is the cookbook. I'm hoping to attract more and more developers to our platform and I'm sure we're going in the right direction with the release of the Eclipse plugin Nx IDE.


Dev sprint Now for those of you who weren't at the Thursday evening party, we presented the results of our code sprint. Which consist of two whole days of coding, no interruption, on an appealing topic by teams of 2 to 6 persons. This means loads of coffee and pizza. :D 

Each team had to pitch their sprint and all the attendees voted at the end. There was some pretty neat stuff showcased. Additional details on this subject will be detailed to you through subsequent posts on our blog, but here's a little summary (full list available on our wiki):

The winning team presented it's Ajax suggestion search box. It basically suggests to you different types of search options. For instance if you type 'adm', it will suggest to you the Administrator user, the administrators group, the documents created by the Administrator user or the keyword 'adm'. This is a really sexy feature.

It was closely followed by the markdown team. They added markdown to the note document, with a nice pdf export. The iOS team did a basic app using automation with the help of Julien Jalon, Senior Software Engineer. The Android team was focused on the test setup for CI integration with the help of Edouard Mercier from Smart&Soft.

My own topic was the integration of the document rating system made by Damien Metzler from Leroy Merlin. We spent most of the time moving some metadata stored with hibernate into the documents schema while keeping the tests green. I still have to integrate it into the webapp with some shiny five star widget or maybe a Like/Don't Like button.

Next sprint will probably be held in 2012. The topic page is open so feel free to add suggestions. Everybody is of course welcome to participate, just drop me an email and we'll organise this.

Wrapping this up, we're all really happy about the way things transpired over these four days. A special thanks to Jeremy who managed most of the organisation and planning.

(@ldoguin on Twitter, LinkedIn)