Reports on the Go: Mobile Renditions via CMIS

Reports on the Go: Mobile Renditions via CMIS
Tue 07 July 2015 By Josh Fletcher

Build applications that are convenient for mobile users but flexible, adaptable, & easy to maintain. Here's an example to create mobile renditions via CMIS.

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Give me my stuff! Authenticated File Download in JavaScript

Tue 30 June 2015 By Josh Fletcher

Authenticated File Download in JavaScript: How to download files requiring authentication from JavaScript code via CMIS using a single-page Web application.

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CMIS: A Tale of Versioning

Tue 24 March 2015 By Josh Fletcher

This blog is all about the concept of “versioning” and what it means to Nuxeo vs what it means to CMIS.

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Complex Types, Multiple Streams and Renditions in CMIS!

Tue 24 February 2015 By Thierry Delprat

CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Service) is primarily an interoperability API - it's designed to be a common denominator between big ECM vendors.

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Direct Document Capture in Nuxeo Using Ephesoft and CMIS

Tue 17 February 2015 By Josh Fletcher

Check out this perfect solution for direct document capture in Nuxeo using Ephesoft and CMIS.

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Nuxeo Platform 5.9.4 Integrates with Codenvy

Wed 11 June 2014 By Barb Mosher Zinck

Nuxeo Platform Fast Track release 5.9.4 integrated Codenvy for development, and improvements to Nuxeo Drive and the Automation API.

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Capture Documents Directly in Nuxeo Using Ephesoft and CMIS

Wed 17 July 2013 By Laurent Doguin

Vincent Elancher, developer at AKKA, teaches us how capture documents using Ephesoft and Nuxeo Online Servicesed through CMIS.

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[Q&A Friday] Embedding Nuxeo?

Fri 17 February 2012 By Laurent Doguin

Deploying Nuxeo in another application. But this is just one of the possible integration options you can aim. Let’s talk about the others.

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[meet the team] Florent Guillaume

Tue 14 February 2012 By Jeremy Viault

Interview of Florent Guillaume

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Using Nuxeo with Adobe Drive CMIS Client and Photoshop

Wed 08 February 2012 By Roland Benedetti

How to connect Nuxeo with Adobe Drive through CMIS to try to make the best of Nuxeo from Adobe apps and from your desktop as well!

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Exploring Nuxeo APIs: Content Automation

Fri 27 January 2012 By Laurent Doguin

One of the main asset of Nuxeo Platform is probably the richness of it's APIs: CMIS, REST, WebServices, WSS, Content Automation and more.

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Apache Chemistry Goes TLP

Thu 24 February 2011 By Florent Guillaume

<p>Just a few days ago <a href="" target="_self">Apache Chemistry</a> <a href="" target="_self">became a top-level project</a> (TLP) of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).&#xA0;As a reminder, Chemistry provides client libraries implementing the <a href="" target="_self">CMIS</a> spec in Java, Python, PHP and .NET, and a server-oriented library for Java. Learn more about this on the&#xA0;<a href="" target="_self">Chemistry page</a>.</p>

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Introducing the Nuxeo RFP Toolkit

Mon 17 January 2011 By Cheryl McKinnon

Over the last month, we've been working to add a new section to our ever-improving Documentation Center. I'm pleased to introduce the RFP Toolkit: an entire section dedicated to helping our prospects and partners shape or respond to an RFI / RFP quickly and accurately. Nuxeo is a comprehensive architecture for content management applications, and the broad range of technical capabilities, features/functions, and packaged distributions make it a solid and reliable choice that meets many ECM needs. This new documentation section helps guide the responses with a clear, organized layout, that we'll update and refresh as we release new products,...

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Why Nuxeo Dropped JCR

Thu 13 January 2011 By Florent Guillaume

<p>There have been questions about JCR vs CMIS recently (<a href="" target="_self">Is JCR Dead?</a>), and I thought I&apos;d expand a bit on why we at Nuxeo decided to drop support for&#xA0;JCR.</p>

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Case Management Framework - a Technical Overview

Fri 10 December 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Nuxeo released its Case Management Framework earlier this year, and has already had some significant customer wins in public sector and financial services with this particular packaging of the Nuxeo Enterprise Platform architecture. Alexandre Russel, one of the senior developers on the Nuxeo CMF project team did a fantastic session on the mainstage at Nuxeo World last month, talking about what we've done, answering the question "why a framework", and offering a sneak peek in to the roadmap for us. His presentation is posted on SlideShare. Nuxeo World Session: Case Management Framework View more presentations from Nuxeo - Open Source...

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Content Management Platforms Built for Application Development

Mon 06 December 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Still lots of great content from Nuxeo World last month that we'll be discussing, but wanted to give this session on our new developer distributions more attention. When Nuxeo announced the new developer distributions - Nuxeo Core Server and Nuxeo Content Application Platform - with the EP/DM 5.4 release, it was about less "new" products, and more about enhancing the packaging of what many of our customers were already using as the base framework for application development. We've been doing some extensive customer interviews over the last few months, and this has been a great help as we strive to...

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Becoming a Contributor - Help Shape the Direction of ECM

Sat 27 November 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Many Nuxeo customers adopt our ECM platform because of its inherent extensible, flexible architecture. Nuxeo EP powers some pretty cutting edge and creative content applications out there. These are organizations that really get the value of digital content to drive their business. Companies who value technology to innovate and stay ahead of their own competitors often see the value in having a stronger voice in their own ECM roadmap. Big companies and government agencies often have more developers and architects on staff than the traditional ECM suite vendors. Nuxeo is delivering a platform built for companies who know what they...

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Nuxeo World Keynote - ECM Market Trends 2010-2011 (updated with video link)

Wed 24 November 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Nuxeo was pleased to host 100+ customers and partners, from 8(!) different countries, at Nuxeo World 2010. Two full days packed with solid session content that appealed to developers, content architects, integrators and business managers. Over the next couple of weeks, the Nuxeo team will be blogging on some of the key sessions, highlighting many of the workshop slide decks, now substantially posted on our Nuxeo SlideShare channel. My session "Market Trends in Enterprise Content Management" was the part of the morning keynote, along with CTO Thierry Delprat's session on the technical roadmap for 2011. CMSWire, our Nuxeo World media...

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"Next Generation ECM for Mission Critical Applications" - New Gilbane Group Research

Sat 20 November 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

New Beacon research from the Gilbane Group this month, and Nuxeo was pleased to participate. This whitepaper series provides guidance on content strategies, practices and technologies. The topic of this new paper is "Next Generation ECM for Mission Critical Applications". This paper is important because it adds additional validation to our hypothesis that 2010-11 will be the shift in the evolution of ECM from suites to platforms. New generation architectures are ready, they've been battle-tested, been benchmarked, performance-tuned, and demonstrated measurable benefits in real-world content management deployments. The audience for this paper is technical and business decision-makers evaluating ECM and...

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New Developer Distributions, the Marketplace and Enterprise IT Trends - 5.4 Highlights

Mon 15 November 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Nuxeo released version 5.4 of both the platform architecture - Nuxeo EP - as well as the most popular packaged product - Nuxeo DM. Congrats to the in-house Nuxeo development, documentation and product teams... but also to our customer and partner community who played an important part in our pre-release all-hands bug-squashing day, as well as testing and feedback via our mailing lists and discussion forums. Merci! Online journal "ReadWriteWeb" published in their Enterprise section last week: "5 Trends to Watch in the Enterprise" ... and it was cool to see at least 2 of those new trends directly reflected...

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Public Sector Issues: Information and Enterprise Content Management

Thu 11 November 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

What many people don't realize is that I spent my first decade in ECM doing consulting and system admin training for public sector clients. Living and working in Ottawa, Canada, many of my projects involved guiding government employees and the contractors in the use, deployment and customization of document and records management applications. Back in the early 2000s, the Canadian Federal Government was globally recognized as the leader in 'whole of government' approaches to information and content management. In direct response to information management scandals in the 1990s, the government chose to act. By 2002-2004, the story of Canadian Federal...

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Planning for High Performance ECM Applications

Wed 27 October 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Some good content recently updated in the Nuxeo Documentation Center on a topic that is a constant struggle for ECM administrators and application developers. Performance, performance, performance.... Nuxeo CTO Thierry Delprat and the dev team have collected the most essential elements of performance planning into a clear list of the elements that will (and also will not) affect performance of a Nuxeo EP or DM-based application. This is an important read, because many of these factors are specific not only just to Nuxeo ECM deployments, but are the very same challenges and bottlenecks encountered by content management practitioners using many...

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CMIS and Chemistry at ApacheCon 2010

Mon 25 October 2010 By Florent Guillaume

<p><a href="" target="_self">ApacheCon 2010</a> starts next week in Atlanta, and if you want to know more about the <a href="" target="_self">CMIS</a> standard from <a href="" target="_self">OASIS</a>, <a href="" target="_self">Apache Chemistry</a>, and <a href="" target="_self">OpenCMIS</a> then you should come! On Wednesday, Nov 3 (at 2pm) I&apos;ll be presenting a talk on these topics. Here&apos;s the abstract:</p>

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Democratization of Opportunity... and Risk

Fri 01 October 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

(Cheryl's NYC AIIM roadshow session - Sept 30/10 - Photo Credit - Joe Ryan @ AIIM) Over the last 2 weeks Nuxeo has been on the road with AIIM, as sponsors and speakers at 3 of their east coast educational seminars. We met dozens of ECM practitioners, consultants and even some cool potential new partners in Toronto, Boston and New York City. Was fantastic to see many familiar friendly faces, but even better to at last meet a few long-time ECM online friends in the real-world. The session I delivered was an update on the theme of 8 Things You...

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Nuxeo Studio - New How-To Video - Content Automation - Create a Validation Button

Thu 02 September 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

We've just published the second in our ongoing Nuxeo Studio "How-To" quick start series. Haven't heard about Nuxeo Studio yet? It's been the hottest thing we've done this year (so far...) As a hosted design environment for our Connect subscribers and Galaxy Partners, we've now got hundreds of companies signed up and actively building content management apps &amp; feature enhancements specifically for their own business needs. When we talk about "ECM as a Platform"... Nuxeo Studio is where we put our money where our mouth is: we give you the simple, graphical, wizard-like tools to build the apps and extensions...

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We're Excited! New Sessions Added - Update on Nuxeo World 2010

Fri 27 August 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

We've been really busy in 2010 with product launches and updates - not only for the flagship Nuxeo EP and DM, but Nuxeo DAM 1.0/1.1 and Cloud Edition... Case Management Framework, Correspondence Management, metaLogic's Lotus IMT for Nuxeo ECM... Nuxeo Studio... and most recently our preview of the Nuxeo Marketplace and Admin Centre. Not bad considering it's only August! We're pleased to announce that additional sessions have been added to the Nuxeo World 2010 roster. New sessions for developers, partners, system administrators, and information management professionals with either a business or technical interest. Cool new sessions include: Nuxeo Studio -...

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LinuxCon Boston 2010 - Has Open Source "Crossed the Chasm"?

Sat 14 August 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

LinuxCon was held in Boston last week. Hosted by the Linux Foundation, the event attracted open source luminaries and advocates from around the globe. Nuxeo was pleased to be able to speak on the topic of "ECM Meets Open Source" during the Birds of a Feather track on Wednesday. One of the highlights for me last week was a keynote delivered by Forrester Principal Analyst Jeff Hammond. The slides for his presentation on "Open Source Software Adoption Patterns in Enterprise IT", can be found on the conference site here in PDF.Key points that I took away from Hammond's session? Integration...

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Updated - Finding the Best Roadmap for Your Lotus Notes / Domino Doc Applications

Mon 09 August 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

A quick update to this original post from August... We're pleased to host our Galaxy Partner metaLogic in a joint webinar on Tuesday, September 21. metaLogic is one of the longest standing Nuxeo partners in North America, and bring many years of content management expertise to our extended network. Bruce Grant - president of metaLogic and lead blogger at their "Rants and Raves" site, will be leading an in-depth overview of metaLogic's integration and migration tools - including a live demo of some of the functional highlights. If you are a current user Lotus Notes or Domino Doc Manager, or...

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Ovum Technology Audit of Nuxeo Enterprise Platform 5.3.x - Available for Download

Fri 23 July 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Nuxeo EP will help organizations to build ECM applications to enable them to manage growing volumes of content and ensure that they are compliant. This solution will benefit organizations that have a need for transactional or content-centric processes Recently Ovum (part of the Datamonitor Group) published a detailed technology audit of Nuxeo's flagship open source ECM offering - Nuxeo Enterprise Platform. Nuxeo has licensed this research note, and is pleased to offer it to our prospects, clients, partner and ECM community at no charge. Download the PDF report here. Key points noted by Ovum: Licensing costs are much lower than...

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Apache Chemistry meeting wrap up

Mon 19 April 2010 By Florent Guillaume

<p>Last week a meeting took place in Munich between the main developers behind the two Java <a href="">Chemistry</a> projects (Chemistry and OpenCMIS). I can say that the meeting was a success and that the two codebases are now in the process of actively being merged!</p>

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Nuxeo Online Servicess to WCM and workflow solutions through CMIS

Wed 10 March 2010 By Alain Escaffre

Connectors with Nuxeo to Drupal, ez-publish, Bonita via CMIS

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Nuxeo CMIS Update

Thu 21 January 2010 By Florent Guillaume

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CMIS Examples with the Nuxeo ECM platform

Mon 18 January 2010 By Alain Escaffre

First steps with CMIS and Nuxeo

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Advanced CMIS

Wed 02 December 2009 By Florent Guillaume

<p>The upcoming <a href="">CMIS</a> standard is approaching its final 1.0 version, and I thought I would take the time to present some of its most advanced features.</p>

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IKS Semantic Search Workshop Wrap-Up (Rome 2009)

Wed 18 November 2009 By Olivier Grisel

<p><a href="/assets/wordpress/dev/images/6a010536291c30970b0120a6a5d365970b-pi.png"><img alt="Iksgamworkshop37" class="asset asset-image at-xid-6a010536291c30970b0120a6a5d365970b " src="/assets/wordpress/dev/images/6a010536291c30970b0120a6a5d365970b-320wi" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px 5px"></a> </p>

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CMIS Meeting, Day Two

Thu 06 August 2009 By Florent Guillaume

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CMIS Meeting, Day One

Wed 05 August 2009 By Florent Guillaume

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The Promises of Modern Chemistry

Thu 25 June 2009 By Florent Guillaume

<p> By now, most of you should have heard about <a href="">CMIS</a>, the upcoming specification that promises interoperability between many systems for common content management tasks. The CMIS specification is being driven by an OASIS Technical Committee and is currently still a draft; it is expected to be finalized late 2009 or early 2010. </p>

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Florent Guillaume on CMIS and Apache Chemistry

Tue 23 June 2009 By Florent Guillaume

<p> A few weeks ago I gave an <a href="">interview</a> to Irina Guseva of <a href="">CMSWire</a>. We touched the subjects of strategic value of CMIS, Apache Chemistry project history, partnerships, open source, future plans around CMIS, and more. </p>

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CMIS meeting notes

Tue 03 February 2009 By Florent Guillaume

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