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[Nuxeo Community] Meet Julie Lecomte

Wed 30 April 2014 By Laurent Doguin

Meet Julie Lecomte. She's been working with the Nuxeo Platform for several projects in the French Ministry of Agriculture. She tells us everything about it.

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Recent Projects from the Nuxeo Community

Thu 20 June 2013 By Laurent Doguin

There is some wicked awesome technology being developed by members of the Nuxeo Community for the open source content management platform.

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[Nuxeo Community] Meet Sylvain Chambon

Mon 08 April 2013 By Laurent Doguin

We interviewed Nuxeo community contributor Sylvain Chambon and discussed his role with partner Open Wide and how he uses Nuxeo Studio for his projects.

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New Contribution: OpenID Authentication Plugin by Nelson Silva

Mon 25 March 2013 By Laurent Doguin

Nuxeo now supports OpenID authentication, all thanks to Nelson Silva, who contributed this module to the Nuxeo community. Thanks Nelson!

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March 2013 Bug Day Results

Wed 20 March 2013 By Laurent Doguin

Here's a short summary of our March 2013 bug day. You'll find the full list of bugs we have closed during the day.

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New Contribution: Kerberos Authentication Plugin by Sylvain Chambon

Mon 18 March 2013 By Laurent Doguin

The Nuxeo Platform now has a Kerberos authentication module thanks to Open Wide's Sylvain Chambon.

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[Nuxeo Community] Meet Laurent Dreuillat

Wed 13 March 2013 By Laurent Doguin

We interviewed Laurent Dreuillat and discussed his new job at Astone Solutions and their recent contribution to the Nuxeo Community, an Outlook addon.

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[Comic] Every contribution counts

Thu 07 February 2013 By Thibaut Soulcié

Every contribution counts - Nuxeo, the provider of an open source content management platform for business application.

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[Nuxeo Community] Meet Nelson Silva

Wed 06 February 2013 By Laurent Doguin

Meet Nelson Silva, co-founder of inEvo and active member of the Nuxeo community. He contributed code for Tomcat 7 support, is working on OAuth2 and Shindig.

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A Lesson on Taxonomy from Heather Hedden

Tue 08 January 2013 By Jimena Ballina

Interview on taxonomy with Heather Hedden: information management guru specializing in taxonomies, indexing and search; author of The Accidental Taxonomist.

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Nuxeo at JavaOne 2012

Fri 05 October 2012 By Laurent Doguin

Thoughts about some time spent with the worldwide Java community while hosting Nuxeo's boothat JavaOne 2012.

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Indianapolis Museum of Art Contributes Code Back to the Nuxeo Community

Fri 07 September 2012 By Laurent Doguin

Learn how the Indianapolis Museum of Art has customized Nuxeo Platform so it fits their needs.

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[Monday Dev Heaven] Nuxeo-lang-ext-assistant, a WebEngine site here to help you translate Nuxeo

Tue 24 July 2012 By Laurent Doguin

Here's a new WebEngine module aimed at people translating Nuxeo. It shows all Labels in a form so that they can be modified directly.

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[Q&A Friday] Nuxeo WCM, blogs, wikis.

Fri 06 April 2012 By Laurent Doguin

Where Nuxeo stands on WCM features as a company and as an open source content application platform.

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Nuxeo Migrating to GitHub

Tue 20 December 2011 By Julien Carsique

Nuxeo source code migration from Mercurial to GitHub

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EclipseCon Europe 2011 - 10 Years of Eclipse

Tue 08 November 2011 By Laurent Doguin

<p>Last week I was at EclipseCon Europe in Germany. It was the occasion to talk about <a href="">Apricot</a>, show our IDE plugin to attendees and meet the Eclipse community. I did some Nuxeo demos as well. Wonderful organization considering the fact that they had many, many different talks during those 3 days. I must say it went really smoothly. Something I also realized was I had completely forgotten how to speak German....</p>

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Strengthening the Nuxeo Community

Fri 28 October 2011 By nuxeo

<p>Hi content geeks,</p>

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Got questions? We’ve got!

Thu 11 August 2011 By nuxeo

<p>We&#x2019;re very pleased and excited to announce the launch of <a href=""></a> (in beta)!</p>

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Nuxeo EP/DM 5.4.2 RC2 released

Thu 26 May 2011 By Stefane Fermigier

<p>We&apos;ve done yesterday a second release candidate for Nuxeo EP and DM.</p>

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Nuxeo now incubated as an OW2 project

Mon 11 April 2011 By Stefane Fermigier

<p><img src="" align="right" alt="OW2">A month ago, we became a member of the <a href="">OW2</a> consortium, an international organization and ecosystem primarily devoted to producing open source middleware, integration and cloud computing software, most of them based on the Java platform.</p>

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Top 10 reasons for open source success - How does Nuxeo stack up?

Wed 02 February 2011 By Stefane Fermigier

<p>In a somewhat subtle self-promoting exercise <a href=""></a> has an interesting post called <a href="">&quot;Top ten reasons why I won&apos;t use your open source project&quot;</a> and while it somewhat applies to smaller, younger projects, we thought (as <a href="">our friends of the Glassfish project recently did</a>) we&apos;d benchmark the Nuxeo project on those reasons.</p>

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Several updates to the Nuxeo community sites

Tue 04 January 2011 By Stefane Fermigier

<p>We&apos;ve been busy during the holidays updating the different Nuxeo community websites:</p>

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New beta Nuxeo DM package for Debian / Ubuntu

Mon 13 December 2010 By Stefane Fermigier

<p>We have made a new .deb package of Nuxeo DM for Debian and Ubuntu. <a href="/assets/wordpress/fermigier/images/6a010536291c30970b0147e0a34458970b-800wi.png"><img class="asset asset-image at-xid-6a010536291c30970b0147e0a34458970b" alt="Deb" src="/assets/wordpress/fermigier/images/6a010536291c30970b0147e0a34458970b-800wi.png" border="0" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px 5px"></a> </p>

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Gems from the Nuxeo TV Channel

Thu 07 October 2010 By Stefane Fermigier

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Why you should come to Nuxeo World next November

Wed 21 July 2010 By Stefane Fermigier

<p>Here&apos;s a short movie I made recently to give you an idea of what you should expect from Nuxeo World 2010 that will take place in Paris on November 17-18.</p>

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New (experimental) Ubuntu packages for Nuxeo DM and DAM

Mon 28 June 2010 By Stefane Fermigier

<p>We&apos;ve restarted work on Debian/Ubuntu packages.</p>

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Meet us at Solutions Linux in March, too

Mon 22 February 2010 By Stefane Fermigier

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Preliminary Nuxeo EP roadmap for 2010

Thu 11 February 2010 By Stefane Fermigier

<p>We have recently brainstormed internally and discussed with some of our customers and ECM analysts the roadmap for our planned improvements of Nuxeo EP.</p>

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Help Test the Nuxeo 5.3 Release Candidate

Fri 16 October 2009 By nuxeo

<p>Nuxeo EP 5.3 has recently been published as a release candidate (RC), and will soon become generally available (GA).</p>

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Conversation about Enterprise 2.0

Tue 23 June 2009 By Stefane Fermigier

<p>Tony Byrne has started <a href="">a conversation</a> (warning: website is down at present) about Enterprise 2.0 (aka Enterprise Social Software) on CMSWatch.</p>

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Final sprint before Nuxeo 5.2 (GA)

Wed 18 February 2009 By Stefane Fermigier

<p>The final (GA) release of Nuxeo EP 5.2 should be ready in less than a month now. Here are some notes on how we plan to proceed with the final sprint until the release:</p>

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