techtalkIt's time for another Nuxeo Tech Talk Meetup in Paris. This time it will be about APIs and is scheduled for the 22nd of January. Register here!

Now what's going to happen exactly? Well, we invited the guys from and, whom we met during the recent dotJS conference. We briefly talked about APIs and realized we were all doing composable APIs, so it became obvious that we needed a longer chat. Hence this new Nuxeo Tech Talk meetup.

The Webshell founders will present their two platforms:

  • Combine APIs easily in Javascript and create REST/JSON API on the fly.
  • A simple, unified API to integrate more than a hundred existing OAuth providers.

Then our CTO Thierry Delprat will talk about the specifics of our API. As you know, Nuxeo Platform's architecture is made of components and extension points to give more modularity and configurability over exposed services. When we were writing our REST API, we wanted to give access to all the flexibility and richness of our Java APIs. This presentation will introduce you to the different solutions we took to make it extensible and composable, and also to the challenges we met when we built it.

So if you are in Paris, come to our office and we'll chat about APIs around beer and pizza wine and cheese (sorry we're out of beer).