Yesterday was our first Nuxeo Tech Talks, held in our Paris Office. The goal of these Meetups is to talk about a technology used by Nuxeo developers. This time we invited Mathieu Robin to talk about "JavaScript without Bugs," and our CTO Thierry Delprat talked about JavaScript in the Nuxeo Platform.

Mathieu Robin

As Thierry said in his presentation, Nuxeo is a Java shop. Some of us are not completely up to date with the latest evolutions, tools etc... And since we're going to do a lot more JavaScript, we thought it would be a very good topic for the first Nuxeo Tech Talk.

Mathieu's presentation was basically about what can seem/is weird in the language. You know like the scope of the this object... I also discovered that you could throw Exceptions in JavaScript just like Java. Then he showed us some of the tools available to ease the pain of writing JS code. I m sure we'll find a lot of interesting things when we setup JSHint. I invite you to check out his slidedeck on his GitHub repository.

Thierry DelpratThen Thierry went on with [email protected] He gave his thoughts about JavaScript as a language and then explained how it's currently used and will be used in the Nuxeo Platform. You can expect a lot of changes around this, one of the first being nuxeo.js. It's here to wrap our REST API in a nice way. Take a look at the slide deck at the bottom for the details.

Now if you want to hear about a specific technology related to Nuxeo, tell us and we'll schedule a tech talk about this. And if you want to get updates about the next sessions, make sure you join the meetup group!

A big thanks to Mathieu, who was our first speaker and to all the people that came to this first Nuxeo Tech Talk. I hope we'll see you at the next one :)