Last week, our CTO, Thierry Delprat, went to meet some of our clients with a few people from our project and account management team. It's something we do a lot at Nuxeo -- have our R&D staff very much in touch with real clients and the needs of real projects!

On this day, Thierry gave a 15-minute technical introduction -- not too detailed -- about the concepts and strong points of the Nuxeo Platform that I really liked. He ended up with the presentation of the Nuxeo Platform below, where the whole concept of the platform is explained. It shows in a very simple way that the Nuxeo Platform is not only a set of building blocks that you assemble randomly, but that it has a very carefully designed modular architecture. It is a unique approach, and surely the big differentiator compared to all other enterprise content management software solutions on the market, many of which use the word platform as only a name. This is certainly the reason why Nuxeo loves developers and developers love Nuxeo!

If you don't know what I am talking about here, maybe it's best to just go through the following 12 slides! It should not take you more than 15 mn...

Nuxeo platform in 15mn
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